Papers Written

Over the years I ended up writing a few small papers on programming and related subjects. Often they were my humble attempts to help others like me on graphics programming mailing lists and open source projects (just like I too benefited from many more giants on who’s shoulders of knowledge I had the privilege to learn), these being short and dispersed they were mostly lost in the mists of time and the depths of internet archives, but later some of them got a more structured approach for uni & master’s degree purposes. So, some that come to mind:

  •  Programming Hardware Accelerated Software Using OpenGl – 2006 – 105 pages – My Master’s Degree paper. In it I talked about OpenGl based hardware acceleration with application in developing a Windows OpenGl screensaver. I also touched on delivery via a quick installer with the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.
  • Programming a 3D graphics engine – 2004 – 60 pages – This was the documentation accompanying my final end of uni project. It was based on about a 5 year experience of mine in attempting to build a 3D graphics engine, initially with elements of C & Assembly and then C++, OpenGl, later switching to a DirectX based framework. The paper is a mix of general background theory and relevant bits of my code explained.
  • An intuitive introductory talk about BSP trees – 2000 –  This was a very short article I wrote about a subject that I had found very interesting: visibility determination solutions based on Binary Space Partitions. I had encountered them studying Doom & Quake source code engines as well as in the open source Crystal Space project in more advanced forms and when I finally had that “a-haa”moment I had to share it with the world.
  • Vector Math & Texture Mapping – 1997 – A simple texture mapping solution explained. My first theoretical article (ever) was one on texture mapping. I wrote it for ‘proof seekers’, a mailing list/group I had started. I had gotten sick of asking everyone everywhere as to how texture mapping is done. So, I wrote what I had already understood. I wrote this at a time I was not planning on using an API for programming and I thought I had to do everything (like a nice C/assembly demo coder). So it’s a very low level approach.
  • Point Position Relative to a Plane – 1997 – A quick math exercise of use in spatial partitioning & position finding. My physics math background turned out to be very handy in game & graphics engine programming problem solving.
  • Various articles in the magazines MyLinux & MyComputer– 2005 – I had a number of small articles, though many only tangentially programming related such as touching on Pixel/Vertex shading languages or shell scripting