N-sularium Proto - Void lon iXaarii - v05

N-sularium Proto

Reaching Knowledge -  Void lon iXaarii - v06

Reaching Knowledge

“I had reached for knowledge all my life, and I had always felt it reaching back for me, which made me deeply happy. But this time… well,  I’ve never been so scared in my whole life.”
    Thimotheus, Dark Scholar Chronicles
ReBirthcage - Void lon iXaarii - v04

ReBirth Cage

Talking further with Them, in the long nights of negotiations, Nathanel found out that, contrary to popular belief, the spirits he was calling did in fact absolutely need biological material to start their re-incarnation from. And so, against his preference for cleanliness, his lab unpleasantly became host to all sorts of exotic flesh, worms and flies, and unavoidably decomposing matter, as the reluctance of others to do this dirty work gradually over the following months pushed him more and more from being a high breed theoretician researching old tomes to being an a disgusting experimentalist. As if that didn’t annoy him enough, despite always diligently locking all doors and working only at night, most of the servants left him or ran away as they fell prey to (not unfounded) superstitions and fears based on the sounds and smells that were escaping even his inner private chambers. He would have to move again soon, but he kept delaying as he was so very close to the breakthrough…
Depthscourer - Void lon iXaarii - v02


And then in the twirls of thickening darkness I started seeing a shape, no more of them, feeding upon the soul-remains of the depths. I remembered then of my master’s teachings and realized I was seeing the bottom feeder beings known as Deepscourers. Remembering that was fortunate, as otherwise I might’ve let myself be deceived by it’s benign looking, almost peaceful outlook and gotten closer, risking being mistaken for a damned soul and being mercilessly fed upon.
    “The nightmare traveler journals” by Ruberti Markun
Demonfusion - Void lon iXaarii - v06


Many of the paintings of Lucilian Bradley were controversial, some were even banned by the art community, but, in his morbid fascination with the unknown, he didn’t really care about that. However there was one in particular that he exposed that night at the new gallery that caused the outrage to explode into incendiary violence. In truth is, even having barely escaped the burning building and the furious mob, he was secretly happy IT was swallowed by the flames. The fact that his paintings were inspired not by imagination but by the demonic trance visions was his dark secret, one that he could live with, but what he saw when he painted that particular one traumatically opened his mind to the horror that some abominations can occasionally fuse, creating fresh new horrors.
However, a few weeks later, his secret relief shattered on the cliffs of reality as he received a large check with the post. Normally he would’ve celebrated the huge sum of money, fueling his expensive decadent lifestyle, but, to his unease, the check revealed that the secret collector who had been generously bidding at the exhibition auction somehow managed to save that painting and wanted to thank him. Lucilian wished at least he hadn’t known! From that day on he started praying for engulfing fires, seeing them as paths to salvation.
Madman's Cackle - Void lon iXaarii - v04

Madman’s Cackle

As I opened the giant sarcophagus, he, or rather “it” (for it looked like it was long no longer a person for a long time) just lay there in the dark, in the grotesque bed of fused bones and flesh, cackling occasionally a demonic laughter. After a few minutes of frozen horror I was able to move again and pushed the stone back shut, gasping, but all I could think of was what divine providence that it had failed (or was unable?) to notice me, for if it had turned those strange eyes in my direction, even for just a moment, I fear I would’ve never regained my sanity, frail as it already was. It seemed the Pharaoh’s high mage(ister) had indeed managed to obtain immortality… but at what price?! What dimensions had it been traveling all these millennia?

Vegetative Mind Vector - Void lon iXaarii - v02

Vegetative Mind Vector

Death in nature is a state of harmony and assimilation, it has it’s keepers and it’s makers, but it’s evil is in the eyes of the mortals only. The sheep must be herded to it’s embrace as the transformation cycle is the perpetuum of the universe.

Saraoth - Void lon iXaarii - v03


Among the forbidden works of the insane painter Lucilian Bradley was found this strange painting of the Lord of the Abyss, Saraoth. His friends and family speculate this might be one of the reasons why he went mad and burned the house as this one was found in the only a decade later in the reconstruction discovered secret laboratory where he apparently also practiced occult rituals, a subject and passion he’d been fascinated with ever since he read that dreaded book that his wife still curses long after his death. Was this the demon that eventually got him for playing with his minions way more than a mortal should ever even dream?

Bonewalker  -  iXaarii - v04


The few ever seen by mortals, were described like a mass of bones fused as if in great heat and polished eternally by wriggling black threads that lurk under the skin. It is speculated that they  improbably rise in the rare event that an asteroid from the heavens hits a mass/pile of bone (or creates one?), and are somehow the result of an alien consciousness either taking possession of them or bringing them to life with a fused will.

Skulmon Heights - Void lon iXaarii - v05

Skulmon Heights

Dystopianism - centerfield - iXaarii

Dystopianism – centerfield

Salivatoriumus Maximus - iXaarii - v04

Salivatoriumus Maximus

Dystopianism - Arch Play - iXaarii

Dystopianism – Arch Play

Salivatoriumus Prooxim - iXaarii - v04

Salivatoriumus Prooxim

Battle Islands - Metalicity - iXaarii

Battle Islands – Metalicity

Trukhar near pillargrowth - Void lon iXaarii - v02

Trukhar near pillargrowth

Crashsite Hexxa3 - Void lon iXaarii - v39

Crashsite Hexxa3

T3rminal Chamber - Void lon iXaarii - v22

T3rminal Chamber


Domoidalites Front - Void lon iXaarii - v07

Domoidalites Front

Ice Loading Screen - Void lon iXaarii

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say cheese - Void lon iXaarii - v23

Say Cheese

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MagicBox on a string

Back Orders - Void lon iXaarii

Back Orders

hitchiking turtle - Void lon iXaarii - v12

Hitchiking Turtle

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Money without brains

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Streching The News

starlett - Void lon iXaarii - v07


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Category Ideation gen2

za terrrror - Void lon iXaarii - v05

za Terrror

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Big Red Hat

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Genius perspiration

pwincess - Void lon iXaarii - v05


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The Mating Dreams

robber - Void lon iXaarii - v18


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World was here First

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Staying in bed

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Sitting in a tree

having the talk - Void lon iXaarii - v12

Having the talk

soccer dad - Void lon iXaarii - v11

Soccer Dad

bizquotes 051 - Void lon iXaarii - v12

Can’t buy time

lets limbo - Void lon iXaarii - v22

Let’s Limbo

bizquotes 049 - Void lon iXaarii - v12

Worth in total loss

bizquotes 048 - Void lon iXaarii - v12

Spending to make

doin weights - Void lon iXaarii - v20

Doin’ weights

mystery dude - Void lon iXaarii - v13

Mystery Dude

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Cocky Writer

de-te-ka-ti-ve - Void lon iXaarii - v14


graduate - Void lon iXaarii - v15


bizquotes 041 - Void lon iXaarii - v13

Can’t be old without money