Old Projects

Some of my old projects that I started or was involved with over the years:

Groups/mailing lists:

inSelf: a group I lead around a game story/design project based on an inner mental experience with a sci-fi element

graphicsCore: a groupI started in which I’m proud to say I had managed to invite quite a couple of high profile graphics programmers for discussions

Proof Seekers: a group I had started to bounce around questions, everything ranging from everyday physics to programming

Empathy Project: This was a rpg game project based on the Crystal Space engine, lead by Nicholas Blumire

Modular Strategy Engine: this was a really really old project I started with a programmer friend in the ages where few computers had 3d acceleration and we made a hack at making pseudo-3d looking terrain elevation and a multi-window capable environment like the really old Transport Tycoon. I did for it some research into path finding and fake-3d.

Solar System Visualization: this is an old high school project I had done at the request of my Physics teacher to show an OpenGl visualization of the solar system with an easy commute back and forth to show how certain measurements worked for humanity even before the Copernican heliocentrism.

[will write more as I remember them]