Crawling Burden


The giant of the underworld crawls in slow motion through the burning sands of the infernal depths, for though he was once a frightening lord of great powers, he is now but a shell of his former might, a host and carrier of the burden that hatches upon his back, burrowing into it and reshaping it to it’s needs as it grows and multiplies.




The Cloid crawls through the crevices in the cliffs of the underworld, never getting out into open spaces, and avoiding the scarring green flames. Why would it go out, when aeons ago it discovered that these stones are so charged with the spiritual energy of the journeymen that sometimes they break through the dimensions and into the mortal realms? There nourishment exists in abundance!



The demonoid had been ordering humans around for millennia, so when it realized this stupid man was actually seriously trying to actually order him to do something, the expression forming on it’s face was a mixture of disgust, surprise, disdain and infernal anger.

Castlumenz Glorrria - Void lon iXaarii - v05

Castlumenz Glorrria

2nd chance thingieverse - iXaarii

2nd Chance (Thingiverse)


Bones of Saraoth Apparition

The “Bones of Saraoth” ritual seemed to Jarredth to be a smart way to work his way up to communicating with the high Lord of the Abyss himself. But, even as he tried that, the apparition that started to gently materialize in the mist clouds now gathering around him made his heart stand still forever.


Bnii Fyid


The Bnii Fyid skull had been passed on from great ruler to great ruler for millennia now, ever since ancient times since when it is rumored to have fallen burning out of the skies and the someone discovered it’s amazing one-to-many subconscious communication abilities. Many great wars of empires had, in fact, been fought solely for this ancient artifact, as regardless weather they were called cesars, pharaohs, sultans, kaisers, kings or presidents they all realized the great usefulness of playing with the fears of the masses, the value of instilling popular fears of other people/cultures/languages/civilizations, and how this allowed their own power to be increased on waves of fear. It is not a precise tool, it is is rather speculated it functions for the emotions of the masses like a prism for light: it breaks balanced ones into spectrums of intense separate sentiments which once separated can be distinctly channeled like rivers.

This ancient political knowledge that the fear of an (even imaginary) common enemy is possibly the greatest way to unite a people under a “great leader” may be commonly known, but the great use and even existence of the Bnii Fyid for this purpose is a secret sealed with ocean scale pools of blood, and not just that spilled by the many spies of different nations trying to find it again, and then their own as soon as they do. Those who know it, know why.

Dark Puppeteer icon A - Void lon iXaarii - v01

Dark Puppeteer icon A




As the two grey haired men with incredibly expensive suits sat in the antechamber awaiting to see The Great Politician, they were getting more and more nervous. The older one was periodically wiping his sweat filled forehead with a golden embroidered handkerchief. They were THE two leaders of business and banking in their country, yet they both knew that the real power belonged to this diminutive man, the man who controlled men with guns who could destroy their empires in gunfire, and controlled the press in to every whim under state imperative. In a mixture of fear and boredom they would both repeatedly be looking at the big portrait painting that was dominating the great room. And as they did so, and as the minutes of waiting turned into hours, they started to get the feeling that the setting sun moving across it was revealing an underpainting, something much older and more frightening. Or maybe they were just going crazy.

Reaching Knowledge -  Void lon iXaarii - v06

Reaching Knowledge

“I had reached for knowledge all my life, and I had always felt it reaching back for me, which made me deeply happy. But this time… well,  I’ve never been so scared in my whole life.”
    Thimotheus, Dark Scholar Chronicles
Depthscourer - Void lon iXaarii - v02


And then in the twirls of thickening darkness I started seeing a shape, no more of them, feeding upon the soul-remains of the depths. I remembered then of my master’s teachings and realized I was seeing the bottom feeder beings known as Deepscourers. Remembering that was fortunate, as otherwise I might’ve let myself be deceived by it’s benign looking, almost peaceful outlook and gotten closer, risking being mistaken for a damned soul and being mercilessly fed upon.
    “The nightmare traveler journals” by Ruberti Markun
Demonfusion - Void lon iXaarii - v06


Many of the paintings of Lucilian Bradley were controversial, some were even banned by the art community, but, in his morbid fascination with the unknown, he didn’t really care about that. However there was one in particular that he exposed that night at the new gallery that caused the outrage to explode into incendiary violence. In truth is, even having barely escaped the burning building and the furious mob, he was secretly happy IT was swallowed by the flames. The fact that his paintings were inspired not by imagination but by the demonic trance visions was his dark secret, one that he could live with, but what he saw when he painted that particular one traumatically opened his mind to the horror that some abominations can occasionally fuse, creating fresh new horrors.
However, a few weeks later, his secret relief shattered on the cliffs of reality as he received a large check with the post. Normally he would’ve celebrated the huge sum of money, fueling his expensive decadent lifestyle, but, to his unease, the check revealed that the secret collector who had been generously bidding at the exhibition auction somehow managed to save that painting and wanted to thank him. Lucilian wished at least he hadn’t known! From that day on he started praying for engulfing fires, seeing them as paths to salvation.
Battle Islandz - Crazy Kolors - iXaarii - v01

Battle Islands – Metalicity

Aviarius Family - Void lon iXaarii - v02

Aviarius Family

Dystopianism - centerfield - iXaarii

Dystopianism – centerfield

Salivatoriumus Maximus - iXaarii - v04

Salivatoriumus Maximus

PlanetaryRings - Overview - iXaarii

PlanetaryRings – Overview

Salivatoriumus Prooxim - iXaarii - v04

Salivatoriumus Prooxim

Battle Islands - Metalicity - iXaarii

Battle Islands – Metalicity

Salivatoriumus Lateeria - iXaarii - v03

Salivatoriumus Lateeria

Trukhar - thumbies - Void lon iXaarii - v05

Trukhar – thumbies

Domoidalites - overview - Void lon iXaarii - v03

Domoidalites – overview

Sectra - fl0w - Void lon iXaariiiXaarii - v04


Domoidalites tops - Void lon iXaarii - v06

Domoidalites tops

Churchett Viewz - Void lon iXaarii - v02

Churchett Viewz

Bustz at Workshop - Void lon iXaarii

Bustz at Workshop

Domoidalites Shots - Void lon iXaarii - v05

Domoidalites Shots

2nd Chance Shrine - v12 - Void lon iXaarii

2nd Chance Shrine

Science Station - Goggles - Void lon iXaarii

Science Station

©Bit2Good / Goggles

Quint-lampothron - Void lon iXaarii


©Bit2Good / Goggles

Bridgeor - Void lon iXaarii


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Zeppo - Void lon iXaarii


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Bancutza  - Void lon iXaarii


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Layers of Vaporia - Void lon iXaarii

Layers of Vaporia

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Leganthaus  - Void lon iXaarii


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Barn - Void lon iXaarii


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Anarkiisto's Tower - Void lon iXaarii

Anarkiisto’s Tower

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Oldcontinental haus sheet - v03 - Void lon iXaarii

Oldcontinental Haus




Fall of the Tower

I must admit my love for simulation. Physics, particles, fluids, cloth… they are all so amazing and interesting! Check out this video for slow motion falling crashing physics awesomeness [10MB].


Thanks to my great friend Jason Zisk for permission to use his model.

more kreatures - westernish - Void lon iXaarii


I had been given the task to model a 3d scene on the theme “western scene with aliens” for a banner. This is what came out. Later I modified it to post on my bedroom wall where I had mostly illustrations:

Xplosion - Voidlor - Void lon iXaarii


A customized sword modelling exercise. 3d spin [1MB]

side - round table - Void lon iXaarii

Round Table

Life is full of beautiful rotation objects :D

front right

Video Camera

Modeled based on a Sony HD Video Camera Recorder (I believe HVR-Z5U). I’m usually more into creating than reproducing, but in this case it was quite interesting to work on the model with the camera on the desk before me.

royal twist pencil - glassy plastic - Void lon iXaarii

Royal Twist Pencil

Yeay for caustics, reflections and light effects in general!


Genesis – Mixed Cells Version

Experimenting with particle & fluid dynamics. I must say I just love physics & particle cloud simulations. And to think how amazingly they happen all around us every day! Download video [19MB]

fonomat - hdr lateral - Void lon iXaarii

Store Design Proposal

Art Storage Room

Oyk - skinn - Void lon iXaarii


A series of experiments with extrusions and materials that I later turned into a character in the locked inSelf story. PS: Isn’t subsurface scattering just a deeeelight?