I have been working in the field of graphics creation for about 16 years to date, though my graphics interest and learning dates back way beyond 2004. I’ve worked around the visually creative side of things in a variety of contexts, ranging from newspapers and magazines in the print environment to illustration web graphics and my true passion game concept art & models. I am constantly working hard at learning more and improving (I’m a strong believer in self improvement and personal learning), as I have yet so much to go towards my dream of creating pleasing and useful graphics that enrich the world and delight others. Sometimes I look at some of my creations or at the masters I’m learning from and I tend to get discouraged, but that only gets me more determined to learn more and I remind myself every single year I did so there was a lot of progress from the year before, and that thus the next year I will be better… so I continue, stubbornly and with great excitement!

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