Thank you for listening to/downloading my humble musical attempts:

for a mix of newer and/or more untested tracks you can hear the cutting edge (& the box of old failures) at:

I’m still in a process of transition in cleaning up the former and filling up the later with both new works and old ones that it turns out I don’t like so much as I look back on them. In the end the plan is to have on the limited souncloud account have my favorites over time, while on the unlimited Jamendo account I will be less strict with what I upload.

Why? Well, whenever I make a new song I tend to be excited and like it (though not always) but then, as the days/weeks/months pass by, some I no longer find good while others I appreciate even with the passage of time. This selection is meant to one day reflect this process while still allowing for a place where I can upload without reservations and less self censorship.