I wanted to thank all the people who helped me grow in life, both as a person and in my skills. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to not just my parents for providing me the environment to grow but also to great people who I consider my gurus & mentors such as Sergiu Berian, Paul Nettle, Jorrit Tyberghein: I’ve learned so much from you!  I hope my life will prove worthy of the time they invested in me. There’s of course great people that I never met or with whom I’ve barely ever exchanged a few words that taught me a lot and are in my mind my teachers which I’ll forever be thankful for such as Ryan Church, Bruno Gentile, Feng Zhu, Thomas Sowell… and many many more. But of course the biggest thanks go to my wonderful wife who’s also my best friend for all her love and genius.

So many things to be thankful about. Life, air, all the fascinating things to learn about, ranging from physics to programming and people. If I had 10 lives it still wouldn’t be enough to learn all the things I wanna learn and do all the things I wanna do. Every day is just so much fun and awesomeness. It’s goooooooooooooooooood to be aliiiveeee!!!