Darkoid Twins

A few particularly skilled dream travelers, those who’ve managed to keep their sanity while travelling between the dimensions in the infinite black of space-time, have reported encountering, around the 3rd level of dark, two strange creatures floating through the aether, with what looks like one mind and purpose, weaving the threads of space and time, or somehow tangling them into an omenous pattern. They wisely avoided going too close to their work, for fear of getting trapped, but described even from a distance feeling a cold feeling and getting illusions of glimpses into the realities they manipulated.

The Liquid Arizen

In the middle of the cavern was a white glowing almost milky liquid that would gradually thin into the thickness of a glowing fog. At first I noticed an ominous shadow swimming a few centimeters underneath, but then it rose and broke the reluctant surface only to emerge and start slowly lifting into the center of the lake like a majestic living chitinous column.


Skulmon Heights

Zapfuhrt Cliffs

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“Forgive and Love Again” Book Cover

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Confruntari – Retro Style

Lakeside Atmosphere

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Business of Tomorrow

By The River

Rusted Metal Road


FPS Magazine Design

A magazine layout design sample [PDF 3.4MB].

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Unknown Basics Poster

And then the final version they went for:

Raul si Justitia

Person and Character – Book Cover

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Time to Look

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Analog Vs Digital

Crazy Tuning


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Let It Rain

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The Magic Seed

Mountain Edges

Fiti Oameni

Colors with an Attitude

Colors with an attitude they are, they are.

Funny, I wrote those words many years ago, and secretly the girl in the picture represented my dream girl, that I didn’t actually think I’d meet… well, now, 6 years later :D , I’ve met her, and I’m super happily married to her!

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Max Lucado Promo

A short video clip I once made for to be run in the background inside a book store which had a Max Lucado promotion.

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Dimension 347

High Speed Chase