Skulmon Heights - Void lon iXaarii - v05

Skulmon Heights

Sectra - fl0w - Void lon iXaariiiXaarii - v04


absurd design - Void lon iXaarii - v50

Absurd Website Design

indievibes - Void lon iXaarii - v.12




unknownbasics 08 - ver 1 - Void lon iXaarii

Unknown Basics Poster

iarta si iubeste din nou - design 3 - 03

“Forgive and Love Again” Book Cover

avangardMedia lightbox cmyk - Void lon iXaarii

avangardMedia lightbox



Confruntari - cover 2  - v08 - Void lon iXaarii

Confruntari – Retro Style

lakeside atmosphere - Void lon iXaarii

Lakeside Atmosphere

litere v133 - Void lon iXaarii

Litere Web Book Store Design


Hypnose Salsa Course Poster

spin - Void lon iXaarii


Confruntari - cover - v06


business of tomorrow

Business of Tomorrow

by the river - yellow - Void lon iXaarii

By The River

rusted metal road - Void lon iXaarii

Rusted Metal Road

4ever - Void lon iXaarii


fps magazine design

FPS Magazine Design

A magazine layout design sample [PDF 3.4MB].

iXaarii site concept - Void lon iXaarii

iXaarii site concept


Salsa Weekend Poster

Unknown special - Void lon iXaarii - 02

Unknown Basics Poster

And then the final version they went for:

raul si justitia lui Dumnezeu -  03

Raul si Justitia

Personajul si persoana - ver 2 - 2

Person and Character – Book Cover

Vienna Conference A3 poster - v08

Vienna Conference Poster

bands 01 - expanded - eps v3

Bands T-shirt

Time to Look


Hyposhiny Design

analog vs digital - Void lon iXaarii

Analog Vs Digital

crazytuning - Void lon iXaarii

Crazy Tuning

hypertower - Void lon iXaarii


raul si justitia lui Dumnezeu - ver 2

Raul si Justitia t02

let it rain - Void lon iXaarii

Let It Rain

SyE phenomenon - Void lon iXaarii

SyE Phenomenon

the magic seed - Void lon iXaarii

The Magic Seed

Mountain edges - ver2 -  Void lon iXaarii

Mountain Edges

fiti oameni  - coperta 2 - v07

Fiti Oameni

colors with an attitude - Void lon iXaarii

Colors with an Attitude

Colors with an attitude they are, they are.

Funny, I wrote those words many years ago, and secretly the girl in the picture represented my dream girl, that I didn’t actually think I’d meet… well, now, 6 years later :D , I’ve met her, and I’m super happily married to her!

Absurd twitter bg - Void lon iXaarii - v14 - mine

Absurd Twitter


BBEG Webdesign

lucado video

Max Lucado Promo

A short video clip I once made for to be run in the background inside a book store which had a Max Lucado promotion.

digital paper - Void lon iXaarii - v07

Digital Paper


Go Figure


All Your Chips

dimension 347b - Void lon iXaarii

Dimension 347

high speed chase - Void lon iXaarii

High Speed Chase

man in shadow - Void lon iXaarii

Man in Shadow

cosmic pinball - v3 - Void lon iXaarii

Cosmic Pinball

shadow thoughts v2 - Void lon iXaarii

Shadow Thoughts