Though I had a total of 10 years of education in programming (4 years uni, 2 years master’s, plus highschool) truth be told I learned most of my programming on my own. From the beginning I was interested in the graphics & game programming side of things, and as such I was quite obsessed about speed and performance, which lead me to learn C & Assembly. Very reluctantly over the years and only after wise personal advice from amazing programmers I started switching towards C++ and even touched a bit of Java. I can’t mention programming without expressing deep thanks to my mentor and hero, the great fantastic programmer Paul Nettle, from whom I had the opportunity to learn soooooooo much! Many many maany thanks for the many hours he spent sometimes daily with me on long emails answering my many questions.

Some of my programming projects and experience include:

Roarrr – a 3D graphics engine I developed in the way of training and practice and experience, initially in using OpenGl and later with DirectX

Flowers of Eternity– a hardware accelerated OpenGl 3d screensaver, actually a whole family of them

Crystal Space / Blocks – for a while I was active in the Crystal Space open source multi-platform engine, ending with work that lead to the completion of the first sample game developed with it, Blocks.

Doom Code Tweaking – a small but to me emotional project, one that I learned a lot from as I got to poke around inside the very well written source code by John Carmack

Papers – a small collection of programming related papers that I have written

Favorite Books – some of my favorite programming books and articles