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Dheadjat Brothers


The brothers Dheadjat had always been united. United in their desire to have more land. To own it, to control it, along whit whoever passed upon it. This was as true today as it was 3047 years ago when they lived out their mortal lives. They started out humbly with some adventurous thieving and pillaging with their small band, but within a short decade or two they managed unite a few tribes and after a couple of guided wars they managed to take over their own little government, even to graduate into instituting the moral code in their region by smart use of a couple of priests, until it became immoral to oppose their tributary taxes, as they began to call them. Nothing to complain, they lived a good life, with many castles and many slaves, up until a leisurely luxurious old age.

The only thing that surprised them was awakening fused together, just a few short years after their deaths, into this dark overlapping dimension. It was strange, but after a while they got used to it. Pillaging among the dimensions had it’s joys that they could live with. They had some disagreements though, now that they had to share a body as well as these strange lands. This lead to them not talking for a few centuries, but in the end they still shared the same passion, this desire to acquire more precious land, and even without words they had this unspoken understanding of what is truly precious.

Layers of Vaporia

©Bit2Good / Goggles

Domoidalites tops

Bustz at Workshop

2nd Chance Shrine


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©Bit2Good / Goggles

Anarkiisto’s Tower

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Oldcontinental Haus


Fall of the Tower

I must admit my love for simulation. Physics, particles, fluids, cloth… they are all so amazing and interesting! Check out this video for slow motion falling crashing physics awesomeness [10MB].


Thanks to my great friend Jason Zisk for permission to use his model.


I had been given the task to model a 3d scene on the theme “western scene with aliens” for a banner. This is what came out. Later I modified it to post on my bedroom wall where I had mostly illustrations:


A customized sword modelling exercise. 3d spin [1MB]

Round Table

Life is full of beautiful rotation objects :D

Video Camera

Modeled based on a Sony HD Video Camera Recorder (I believe HVR-Z5U). I’m usually more into creating than reproducing, but in this case it was quite interesting to work on the model with the camera on the desk before me.

Royal Twist Pencil

Yeay for caustics, reflections and light effects in general!

Genesis – Mixed Cells Version

Experimenting with particle & fluid dynamics. I must say I just love physics & particle cloud simulations. And to think how amazingly they happen all around us every day! Download video [19MB]

Store Design Proposal

Art Storage Room


A series of experiments with extrusions and materials that I later turned into a character in the locked inSelf story. PS: Isn’t subsurface scattering just a deeeelight?



Flameholder Quick Sculpt

Playing around with Sculptris.


The full animation [15MB] is 50 seconds long, and with the background music “Unstable eXtasy” by me. I hope you enjoy it. The camera movement is a bit jumpy … but considering that it took me about 1 month to render this (yes, back in CG gfx prehistory, about 8 years ago), and that even while previewing it the frame rate was quite horrible, I hope you will forgive this and other imperfections that you may find, or lack of features that I would have otherwise possibly added via refinment.

Flaming Multi Cube 2

A short promotional video [13MB] I did for an audio-video studio I worked for in 2007.



Ancient quick and dirty modelling in Softimage:XSI. Download [14MB]


Point Motion 92

A very interesting radial motion blur in a mess of colliding instances. Download anim [1MB]

Magic Text V3

Cloth/soft body simulation with some special rendering shaders. Animation rendering download [9MB]

Black Leather Totem

An exercise in Wings 3d modelling and Blender texturing and lighting for optimized rendering.


The interesting challenge in this one was mapping one mega texture onto many distinct objects. I believed I solved the problem in the end by projecting and freezing, or something of the kind. Caustics and physics were fun too. Moving pictures [12MB]

Lil Cow

Funkky Hotel

Virtual Gems

An animation exercise [9MB] (music by me too) in simulating a bunch of effects that Blender hadn’t yet mastered back when I did it so there’s a lot of trickery going on.

Blender Fluxbox

Logo to 3D

While working for this music/video studio I was given the task of bringing their 2d skull & cameras logo into 3d. Forming [2MB], Spin loop [5MB]

The Juggler

Silk Lines

Experimenting with soft materials/cloth, rendering materials & motion blur. Silk lines [5MB]

Virtual Light

Cosmic Game

Mushroom Land 3d

Table Thingy


A small tribute to my favorite Linux file manager.

Shimmering Glass