Cup of Fangs

When she got her hands on the old manuscripts from back in the first centuries of the founding of the great cult of power, the first thing she did was search among them for any mention of the famous Cup of Fangs, used in the initiation ritual. For ten years now she had wondered at least how it looked like. Of course a nobody like her would never even get to see it, let alone touch it, still it had intrigued her endlessly. But what she found out was beyond her wildest expectations.
She had found some initial designs for the cup along with explanations of intended functionality. And in there she found something that possibly even the High Council Inner Group didn’t know… except maybe for one?!? If she correctly understood the Old Language, it seemed to suggest that the cup had a secret purpose also: that it’s name was more than a metaphor: that it was designed so that it would literally cut, a tiny unnoticeable mark, the lips of those who partook in the ceremony, and that those little droplets were a way for the cup to gather their powers, for a later unspecified purpose. This was too much for her to know! She wished she had never found this out. Surely she would be killed (or worse) if ANY of this got out. She was too afraid to even read further for fear that she may know more. She proceeded to burn them all!