gameSketch 347e

gameSketch 347d

gameSketch 347c

gameSketch 347b

gameSketch 347a

gameSketch 347 – collage

gameSketch 345

gameSketch 344

gameSketch 343

gameSketch 342

gameSketch 341

gameSketch 346

Ruins of Morowi

Path of the Fugue

Nfin Towers

Glowing Woodz

Night Trainzistor

Rusting Domoidalites

Twilights Pass – map

gameSketch 340

gameSketch 339

gameSketch 338

gameSketch 337

gameSketch 336

gameSketch 335

gameSketch 334

gameSketch 333

gameSketch 332

gameSketch 331

gameSketch 330

Lord’s Armour

Golden Courtains

Engraved Plaza

Hatching Boom

As death took it’s toll and the spirits were absorbed into the pulsing black mass, it began to convulse and wriggle stronger and stronger, until, a few hours later, the thus emergent eggs burst with violent anger their ominous offspring into the world.

Aviarius Closeup Pointilism

Domoidalites VTM style presentation

Potted Magic Plant

Research Pamuse 16

squared golden round moustache

2nd chance fiery color experiment

Crystal Asteroidz

gameSketch 329

gameSketch 328

gameSketch 327

gameSketch 326

gameSketch 325

gameSketch 324

gameSketch 323

gameSketch 322

gameSketch 321