All Natural Poison

From the crack in the cavern stone where he was listening in he could observe the two bizarre figures, or at least (what he assumed were ) grotesque parts of them. They seemed to be talking big picture strategy elements of long term planetary conquest. They both looked strange and alien, speaking a tongue of vibrations that he surely wouldn’t have comprehended were it not for the uncomfortable parasite. But so he managed to pick up some bits of meaning among the garbles, such as this part, when what looked like the older one spoke:
“Modern man forgets that nature is deadly and ruthless in it’s conquest, thus, sitting in the comfort of his urban agglomerations they proceed to idealize a state of nature that their ancestors barely survived. That’s why I have always proposed that the cup of poison we should offer to humanity ought absolutely be of a “natural” type.” At this point the two started laughing in frequencies so disturbing that the ear parasite simply refused to cooperate anymore and instead curled up into a slooshy mass and fell to the ground convulsively twitching to death.