Upon seeing the artifact the team of archaeologists brought back from the expedition the museum administrator almost broke into crying. This had been a huge investigation, the culmination of years of research and excavations… and now all they had to show for it was a pile of broken shards, which might’ve been a great thing once, but would impress no visitor today. His spirits started to lift in the coming days as, as if through some miracle, over the passage of hours and days, it would seemingly gather and form into something more interesting. In a few weeks the artifact became the museum’s chief exhibit, public, press, even officials and scientists from the old continent would come to see the slow-forming-miracle, and unlike all other exhibits which at their best got one visit per customer/month anybody who saw it would come back the next day to see the progress as it was the talk of the town in each cafe. After a while the konstruct even started to supernaturally float in the air, and in a few weeks it had begun to form a bubble of sorts, of vacuum and glass and … who knew? But who cared?!?! This was a hit, a great hit! Now if only it would stabilize already…