The two photos that the old university professor had received from the deep sea divers were of a horrendous quality. Truly! He had expected much more from the advance of technology! He ended up having to hire artists for an interpretation that he could present in class. It was enough fro him to say that the creature was Animalia of Phylum Arthropoda, at least related to Subphylum Crustacea, but not much more. He could identify a lot of commonalities that he could explain, but also some organs that he could not explain and had no place being functional from an evolutionary perspective.
Unless they served some other purposes he was not aware of? No matter, he still was happy to have payed the divers even that exorbitant sum, as ever since he saw those images he had discovered a new zest for life and a surprising new hunger for his old age. Thus were his thoughts as he sat in the old mansion at the whole huge wooden table covered in half eaten marine animals, all bloody and uncooked emanating such an unpleasant odor that he thought it fortunate there was no longer anybody else around to complain about. But it didn’t bother him, on the contrary… it made him think of the photos and he felt hunger anew and lusted for more, feeling invigorated at the transformation he was feeling in his once frail body.