Iiil Unez

It was a wonderful day to be walking in the sun and the two lovers were thrilled they had chosen to get away to the peaceful countryside for the weekend. Intrigued by the playful shouts of children they veered off from the beaten path into the pleasant shade of a small forest. As they approached the clearing however the children ran away, leaving behind what felt like a deadly silence, somehow made even more ominous by the sound of the blades of grass in the gentle wind. They also seemed to have forgotten something they had apparently been sculpting, some kind of a wooden figurine. It somehow managed to frighten Lady Mir’Garleen something terrible, because she dropped it screaming and it took him a few hours to calm her down from the ensuing state of agitation. What could it have been that she had seen or felt? Sure, it was mayybee a little bit strange, the eerie pig/goat shapes intricately cut into the wood… but definitely not to this level of distress. He felt in fact somewhat… intrigued the whole story. Knowing she would never agree that he take it back into the city he pretended to throw it away while secretly packing it at the bottom of the picnic bag. Where could be the harm in keeping this peculiar wooden carving?

3D, Illustration