Icon of Knowledge

This had been a robbery planned out at the highest levels. Weeks of preparations with virtually unlimited budget had given them the best possible crew, both physical and in paranormal abilities. They were prepared for everything, as one should when preparing to rob the castle of somebody as great and frightening as the great knowledge Seeker Rahamgarii Litkania. But they were not prepared for THIS.

I mean sure, Inner High Council members were often joking that he’d one day, presumably in a few centuries, be found burned alive by some frightening demon… but not like THIS. There was no fire, no, this was much more disturbing.The whole place was as if invaded by an abundance of strange living vegetation. And no, this vegetation did not give a feeling of serene calm and beauty of nature, you only feel that when you know to be far superior and in power to the plants you were beholding. Here was definitely NOT the case of that.

Three of the veteran men had ran away at the sight (well, after a round of puking), two had been killed in minutes with the third still slowly dying in great poisoned agony. By the time the last two had made their way to the core rooms they found everything “infected”, all destroyed, corrupted and overturned… and at a center of it all, in a radius of peace, stood the little oriental statue that they had been payed so handsomely to steal. Frighteningly still in a sea of moving natural death.