Harmless Figurine

Some might have argued it was the alcohol and jovial atmosphere of the pub but I naturally rushed to buy the little thing from the superstitious miners. They had found it apparently in in a regional copper mine and now due to some silly superstition they had been passing it from one to another each afraid to hold it longer or some such nonsense. From what I could gather from their drunken excited storytelling their digging into a lower channel had stumbled them into a long abandoned section of the mine where alongside with amazingly rich copper deposits they found a section that somehow scared them all, where they swore they could identify humans in the rock formations alongside with their tools and even rations. How silly of them. What a great find for me though! I must make a point to hang around such superstitious folk in the future too, for it seems in their drunken parties their tongues become a bit more untied than their usual stranger hating ways and sometimes there’s nice little opportunities for a discerning collector like myself!