Eyeani Emblem

The Eyeani Emblem seems unimpressive to the unknowing, but what makes it special is that it’s a frightfully repugnant mental sight to the observant holders of the dimensional gates to the plane of Norikash. A dimension normally inaccessible, it’s transfer gates are held shut by the many little gossiping watchers. They like to see everything, everywhere, at the same time, and nothing escapes their inquisitiveness. The Eyeani Emblem however reverts this reality like an inside out planar mirror, and therein lies it’s wonder. It projects back onto them the eyes of the world, which is the most frightening thing to them, making them lose grips on their portal for a short while, thus enabling intrusion. This however should not be done more often than once a century otherwise they get gradually and increasingly immunized, leaving this wondrous place locked away for untold aeons.