Endoexo Figurine

The fantastic thing about the golden figurine was how it synergized with it’s environment in a way that was nothing less than supernatural. It was slow, to be sure, but in a matter of short hours it was already noticeable. At first it would lose it’s perfect polished gold shine, and itself acquire the characteristics of it’s surroundings, be it moss, rust, erosion and even environmental micro-vegetation. But the even more incredible effect was that over longer time-frames it’s environment would also transform as if to seep into the same universal substance. THIS was the part that on the one hand excited and on the other frightened him terribly to the point of recurring nightmares.
He had experimented in different environments, from his house to fort ruins to dirt to wild forests. He dared not leave it anywhere more than a few days for when you thought about it, about the logical continuation of what he saw every time… it was quite frightening. Enriching, indeed, and he had already made a much resented new fortune based on it… but also frightening in the possibilities should he ever forget it somewhere for a longer period. He still bore the painful scars of the first days of excitement when he foolishly used to carry it in his pockets.