Bazial Statuette

It was true, that which they all feared so much that they invented religions to cover it up: money did bring him happiness! Lots of it. And most importantly, the power to fulfill his goals. Thus he was already 60 when he finally was able to afford buying the Bazial Statuette at the gallery (after a series of well orchestrated political bribes, of course). But what matters? It was now his, forever! He had been obsessed by it and driven into higher motivation in his many businesses and exploratory endeavors. It wasn’t easy, and sometimes he felt like giving up, resting his tired always spinning mind, but then he’d visit the gallery, look at it memorized in deep thoughts for minutes on end, reflect upon the legend of how it’s golden base was molded onto the shape of the jaw of a long extinct dinosaur with supernatural attributes that had allegedly killed many Agrrarorian and later Nermani mages who tried to control it. It always gave him new energy, and now, after all this time, it was finally resting in his own home, the most valuable of all his great treasures.